Black Owned Dental Practice Brightens The Smile Of Children In South LA

Dove Bennett
3 min readJan 20, 2021

Closing The Gap Of Dental Care In The Black Community

As someone who understands the pain of struggling to find an affordable dentist for much-needed services, I was moved by the story of A Plus Dentistry and its owner, Dr. Ndidi Uka, who went out of the way to provide services to a young dancer on America’s Got Talent.

A Plus Dentistry, a multi-specialty dental office owned by Dr. Ndidi Uka continues her support and mission, advocating for those who need her dentistry gift in South Los Angeles. Always championing the Black and Latino youth in urban areas, Dr. Uka volunteered her services to improve the smile of one of the finalist contestants, Kayana, on her favorite television show “America’s Got Talent”. She noticed a radiant Black girl in the dance troop, Compton’s Diva and Drummers, who wasn’t secure with her smile and decided to not only improve her smile but also boost her confidence.

Dr. Ndidi Uka decided to open up her dental practices in the community where she grew up, South Los Angeles. She knew her city needed her more than areas such as West Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. She always had the mission in mind to give back to her city. Kayana has an outstanding stage presence, but her chipped front tooth was stopping her from smiling. Dr. Ndidi contacted the dance troop leader, Kehil Berry to see if they would be interested in creating some Black Girl Magic by gifting Kayana’s crown.

Dr. Uka has two dental practices, one in Los Angeles, CA, and the other in Carson, CA. She has been practicing for 10 years now and will continue to uplift her community. Dr. Uka understands that many times medical needs for underserved communities are ignored due to cost or lack of insurance. When asked about why she felt compelled to offer her services, she responded by saying “I know the feeling of being stigmatized by having an imperfect smile, and no child should feel that way — especially our precious black children who have to endure so much. I want this princess to feel confident and beautiful and if I can assist in any way, it is my absolute pleasure to do so. My guiding principle is that ‘it’s with our hearts and hands that we make the world a better place’ and I strive to do that every day.”

As one of the few Black women-owned dental practices in South Los Angeles Dr. Uka knows her community needs her. She wants to be a positive role model to everyone that she treats — especially those little boys and girls that look like her.

Dr. Ndidi Uka believes that “the simple act of smiling not only makes you feel better, but look better”, and restoring that confidence through smiles is what made Dr. Uka become a dentist. A Los Angeles native, Dr. Uka completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA majoring in psychobiology. She then attended Pepperdine University where she earned her Master of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis in Psychology, and later attended the prestigious Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Not only is she an active member in the Angel City Dental Society, she also gives back to the community by feeding the homeless, and volunteering at food drives and health fairs. In her spare time, Dr. Uka enjoys cycling, running marathons, traveling, cooking, and reading. She strives to be a contributor to her community, and a successful dentist, wife, mother, and daughter, while living by the philosophy, “it is with hands and hearts that make the world a little better place.”



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