Click-In Women’s Empowerment Virtual Summit

Dove Bennett
7 min readDec 7, 2020


The Progression of Women. “Grow. Connect. Evolve”

What a time it is to have the opportunity to experience the remarkable progression of women in this country and in the world. To think that only 100 years ago, birth control was actually illegal. Seventy years ago, Rosa Parks stood strong in her Black Girl Magic when she refused to change seats. Only fifty years ago we gained our first woman ever sworn in as secretary of state, and first woman ever sworn in as attorney general in the United States. With fire in our veins and pride in our soul, we voted in the first-ever female vice-president. As we prepare ourselves for the new year, we need to transition our thinking from pivot to launch. Let’s take it one step further than the vision board and develop a network of visionaries! By joining forces with inspiring and innovative women from all walks of life, we can equip ourselves to pioneer the unknown. The Click-In Women’s empowerment summit is your place to connect and grow. Join us as we speak with proven leaders in industries surrounding fitness, personal development, and yes, getting your money right. All of these factors are essential if we are going to level up, no matter what stage. There is a cliché that says, “Information is Power” and we vow to share our sources. Someone from this event will change the world because we will all use our individual gifts to empower each other. The Click-In Virtual Women’s Empowerment Summit will take place on December 12th, from 10am to 4pm cst. This event is organized by the Core94 Radio in Houston, Tx. The Core94 radio is a black and woman-owned radio station that was founded in 2014 with the ultimate goal of providing a 24-hour platform that is not dictated by large businesses. This full-day event will feature prominent women speakers and virtual networking opportunities. The focus of this summit is to empower women to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives by providing a platform where women can network, interact, learn and support small businesses. The line-up of speakers includes:

LACORA STEPHENS is a friendly and familiar host and executive producer that is frequently gracing us on the red carpet scene and local television. Having hosted exclusive interviews, on-set visits, and popular events with major networks such as OWN, FOX, Sony, Oxygen, and BET, LaCora is proving that positive images and conversation can still make good for television. LaCora’s speaking topic is Right Building, Wrong Floor: A Pivot To Your Path of Purpose at 11am cst.

TANGIE AMBROSE is an actress and filmmaker. She is perhaps best known for her starring roles on Brutally Normal as Dru and Abby as Joanne Walker, as well as for her recurring role in In Plain Sight as Delia Parmalee. Tangie has also appeared in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Modern Family, and Shameless. Tangie’s speaking topic is Making Your Own Way at 2:30pm cst.

NATHALIE NICOLE SMITH was recognized as “Top 30 Under 30” for her work in the development of her Plush brand. Due to her business savvy and her tenacity for success, Nathalie has reached the highest designation within her Network Marketing Company, Total Life Changes, and she is now a multi-millionaire at the age of 32. But that’s just the beginning, Nathalie is an author of an Amazon Best Selling book “Becoming A Brand” and she is the founder of “Women Who Boss” which is a 501c3 organization to help women walk into their real purpose amidst their pain. Nathalie’s speaking topic is Millennial Millionaires at 2:30pm cst.

JASMINE HILL_CARTER started her branding firm to help small business owners like herself gain access, attention, and support via social media while providing ebooks, classes, Instagram revamps, and affordable promotion. Hill-Carter is an advocate for small businesses, but she’s also an influencer who uses her platform to bring awareness to social media changes and how to stay ahead of the algorithm. She can help you pivot and bring your ideas to life with her background in fashion, beauty, and business. Jasmine’s speaking topic is The Importance of Building Your Tribe at 11:30am cst.

FRANCHESKA “FANCY” FELDER launched SwagHer Magazine in 2010 as an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the progressive Black community. Through her years of interviewing powerful women and men searching for the ingredients to success, Fancy now believes that true success is when one is strong enough to love and forgive themselves and be who they uniquely are. Fancy’s speaking topic is Girl, Get Over Yourself, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome at 12:45pm cst.

DARBI has a passion to truly transform lives through entrepreneurship empowerment and supports various charities, non-profit organizations, and other for-profit companies to help the organizations and the visionaries behind these organizations transform their lives. Since its inception in June 2019, her company has seen so much success. The Business Credit Agency in the last quarter of 2019 helped over 75 entrepreneurs obtain over $4.5 Million in Business Credit and Funding Opportunities. Darbi’s speaking topic is Obtaining Business Credit and Funding During A Global Pandemic at 10:30am cst.

DEANNA GREEN is the CEO and Founder of Nydan, LLC. dba Nydan Real Estate Group. DeAnna’s personal passion is also profoundly rooted in Women’s Empowerment, which is why her Let’s Be R.A.W. (Real.Authentic.Women) platform was developed in 2018. DeAnna uses her years of Coaching and Mentoring skills to guide women into getting out of their “own way” by becoming the most authentic version of themselves. DeAnna is a national speaker and continues to give back to her community by volunteering at the local Women’s Center and with her campaign “Purses with a Purpose”.​ DeAnna’s speaking topic is W.O.W! (Women.of.Wealth) — Building Your Own Table at 1:30pm cst.

KAI A. PINEDA has been in ministry for 20 years and is a pastor, teacher, author, and worship leader. Her desire is to see God’s heart revealed to humanity in a way that people step into the freedom of God, and not the traditions of the church. She longs for an encounter to happen within the Body of Christ where we exchange our agendas for His, pursue His love, and Prepare The Way for His return. She has committed her life to be an ambassador for Christ and to help in leading this and the next generation into a beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ. Kai’s speaking topic is the event’s namesake, Grow, Connect, Evolve at 2:30pm cst.

LASHANNA MOORE is a certified nutritionist, holistic health practitioner, and a wellness speaker. As a global speaker, she teaches women how to realign their lives using the 5 states of wellness.LaShanna’s mission is to assist women with living a healthy, wealthy, and abundant life by providing valuable content that helps them to eat well, think well and live well. Lashanna’s speaking topic will be Pursuing Success in a Suffering Body at 11:30am cst.

Additional speakers include Crystal Willis, Raquel Miller, La Chat, Professor Honey, Christina Hayes, Shondra Mitchell, D’Shonda Brown, and myself. Closing out the event will be a performance from Grammy-winning R&B group, 112. For every guest who registers, a complimentary ticket will be gifted to a survivor of domestic violence. Vendors may visit here to apply for a virtual booth, and guests may register for the event here. If you are ready to connect and be welcomed into a community that wants to grow with and for you, then we will see you on 12.12.



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