Darbi Speaks At The Click-In Virtual Women’s Empowerment Summit

How To Obtain Business Credit and Funding During A Global Pandemic

As we prepare ourselves for the new year, we seek to transition our thinking from pivot to launch. We are taking it a step further than the vision board, and we are developing a vision network. By joining forces with inspiring and innovative women from all walks of life, we equip ourselves to pioneer the unknown. The Click-In Women’s empowerment summit is your place to connect and grow. Join us as we speak with proven leaders in industries surrounding fitness, personal development, business and funding, and financial stability. All of these factors are essential if we are going to level up, no matter what stage. There is a cliché that says, “Information is Power” and we vow to share our sources. This full-day event will feature prominent women speakers and virtual networking opportunities. The focus of this summit is to empower women to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives by providing a platform where women can network, interact, learn and support small businesses. Our line-up of speakers include best-selling authors, multi-millionaires, financial experts, and so many other great women eager to share their experiences, advice, and wisdom. We’ll be closing out with a performance from the Grammy award-winning R&B group, 112. As we prepare for this epic event, I got the chance to pick the brain of one of our featured speakers, CEO and Financial Expert, Darbi.

Dove: In your opinion, is it easier or harder to obtain business credit and funding during this pandemic? Darbi: Every business and individual person seeking to obtain credit and funding, it will be different. Some lenders have made it easier, others have made it more challenging to preserve their own business models. For example, some vendors that we used to apply for credit that easily would extend credit are in some cases, are now asking for deposits or collateral. There are so many detailed variables and small details that have impacted our whole industry in real-time. This is the time to creatively fund your business.

Dove: With a second closing coming, what should business owners start doing to prepare financially? Darbi: I would suggest that business owners keep their expenses low and pivot their business model to be 100% digital. This is the time to truly transform your business and be accessible online. Traditional media, social media, referral business, and cutting edge technology systems and companies will really thrive during this time.

Just hearing these amazing gems makes me so much more excited for the big day. Darbi, an unforgettable name, for a unique woman, is a trailblazing entrepreneur born in Tennessee and raised in Georgia. As a millennial, she is wise beyond her years and is faith and family-centered with the gift of entrepreneurship. Her faith, consistency, and willingness to empower others with knowledge has organically worked in her favor all her life. She graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville obtaining her degree in Finance and International Business. Over the years, Darbi has been influential in the Network Marketing, Tax, Technology, and Music Industry, earning multiple figures (with a few losses) but it’s her latest venture that is a perfect combination of her formal education and mentorship over the years — Business Credit.

When asked what women’s empowerment meant to her, Darbi stated “women’s empowerment is so key and significant, especially during this era. We all need each other and are interdependent as human beings. It is so important to connect and inspire other women, who need an encouraging word or a business tip that can help unlock their greatest potential. Women empowerment means having compassion and empathy towards each other. It means opening up and sharing authentic stories to inspire another sister. It means me pouring into another woman with the right message that can be the exact message to save their life. Women empowerment is a smile, a conference, and confidence. It is so much more than just speaking, to me it means speaking life into other women like me and as I speak life into others, it by default always comes back.”

To learn more about Darbi and hear her speak, click here to register for the event. Businesses may apply for a vendor slot here.



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