Executive Producer and Host LaCora Stephens is paving the way for black women in film

Dove Bennett
3 min readOct 9, 2020

“Don’t hold yourself hostage to your old dreams just because you told the world about them. It’s okay to go in a different direction or to discover a new passion. During my acting career, I realized that I was in the right building, but I was on the wrong floor”

Executive Producer and Host LaCora Stephens

As an Executive Producer and Host of The YES! Show, LaCora Stephens is a friendly and familiar face that is frequently gracing us on the red carpet scene and local television. Having hosted exclusive interviews, on-set visits, and popular events with major networks such as OWN, FOX, Sony, Oxygen, and BET, LaCora is proving that positive images and conversation can still make good for television. Raised in the sunshine state of Florida, this southern girl with a big smile and a personality to match holds a degree in theatre education with seven years of professional teaching experience. She currently is a graduate student enhancing her communication skills for international ventures.

LaCora Stephens on the red carpet

With her own unique flare and infectious sense of humor, LaCora’s content has garnered over 6 million views and counting. In addition to producing the new film Brown Paper Bag, her beloved project, The YES! Show, America’s unique half-hour talk show highlighting the Young, Entertaining & Saved of Hollywood, is in preparation for season 4. The Yes! Show has been viewed by millions on AFROLAND TV, Arroyo, and her dedicated YouTube Channel, and IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base, will be the first step to distribution and DVD sales for Brown Paper Bag.

Brown Paper Bag takes place in the year of 1942 and Archie Glass is a young black actor who has just come to Hollywood. Finding himself blacklisted and kicked off the lot, he attempts to get back into showbiz by accepting a job to go looking for a missing white starlet. While on his journey to fame, Glass is fated to discover more lies than truths. When asked how she felt about how her role contributed to the success of the film, LaCora replied, “There’s an old saying that the devil works hard, but producers work harder. Every position from crew to talent in this film worked hard to make it a success; however, producers seldom get the credit we deserve. I was always the middle man during production and made sure that all of the moving pieces came together. I am very proud of my contributions to this film”.

Connect with LaCora by visiting her website or viewing her content on her dedicated YouTube channel.

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