How ‘Black On The Job’ Facebook Group is Changing the Career Trajectory for African Americans

Dove Bennett
6 min readJun 9, 2022

Has a Facebook group ever changed your life? Well, it certainly has for THOUSANDS of individuals a part of the Black on The Job with Admin Cyn Facebook group. Black On The Job is a network and career development organization for Black people. The founder and mentors of the group want to empower people by helping them find and develop the best version of themselves using proven resume writing, interview, and hiring techniques. This organization is open and available to Black people that need support or guidance negotiating the corporate world.

African Americans are generally paid less than their white counterparts. The median income for black households was $39,490 in 2017 while the median income for white households was $68,142. The job market is not always friendly to us either. In a study done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, it was found that when employers were given resumes with “African American sounding names” they were 50% less likely to be called back for an interview. The Black on The Job with Admin Cyn Facebook group has created a safe and supportive space for black job seekers. This is a powerful tool because it gives us access to the tools, resources, and knowledge we need to be successful in our career journey while also providing emotional support.

Just scrolling the group, it can be easy to first notice all of the positivity and powerful messages that are shared on a daily basis. However, as you can continue to scroll, you will quickly learn that this group offers so much more. With the popular hashtag #Igotthejob, the group celebrates their wins on a regular basis by sharing the obtainment of a new position with raises between $10k-$50k.

Formed only 2 years ago, the group has gained over 64k members as a part of the Black on The Job Brand, which was founded in June of 2018. The founders and the BOTJ community are transforming the geographical and academic limits that have stagnated black people behind the starting line for so long and have successfully contributed to the career growth of over 70K members with approximately $10M in increased salaries globally.

Dove Bennett

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