Jasmine Hill-Carter Speaks At The Click-In Virtual Women’s Empowerment Summit

Dove Bennett
3 min readDec 9, 2020

The Importance Of Building A Tribe

As we prepare ourselves for the new year, we seek to transition our thinking from pivot to launch. We are taking it a step further than the vision board, and we are developing a vision network. By joining forces with inspiring and innovative women from all walks of life, we equip ourselves to pioneer the unknown. The Click-In Women’s empowerment summit is your place to connect and grow. Join us as we speak with proven leaders in industries surrounding fitness, personal development, business and funding, and financial stability. All of these factors are essential if we are going to level up, no matter what stage. There is a cliché that says, “Information is Power” and we vow to share our sources. This full-day event will feature prominent women speakers and virtual networking opportunities. The focus of this summit is to empower women to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives by providing a platform where women can network, interact, learn and support small businesses. Our line-up of speakers include best-selling authors, multi-millionaires, financial experts, and so many other great women eager to share their experiences, advice, and wisdom. We’ll be closing out with a performance from the Grammy award-winning R&B group, 112. As we prepare for this epic event, I got the chance to pick the brain of one of our featured speakers, Jasmine Hill-Carter.

Dove: Why is it important to have a tribe of like-minded women around you? Jasmine: It’s important to have tribe like-minded women and men around you because when you’re not able to show up, they’re still showing up. A tribe helps your brand grow and protects you if any negativity comes your way.

Dove: What are you looking forward to the most in 2021? Jasmine: I’m just looking forward to being able to hug my loved ones without fearing that one of us will get sick. However, for business, I am looking forward to just to keep networking and evolving.

Jasmine Hill-Carter is the owner and founder of Velz Monroe Jewelry Line that caters to an everyday luxury look without breaking potential customers’ pockets. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Development in 2017, Hill-Carter started her branding firm to help small business owners like herself gain access, attention, and support via social media while providing ebooks, classes, Instagram revamps, and affordable promotion. Not only is Hill-Carter an advocate for small businesses, but she’s also an influencer who uses her platform to bring awareness to the social media changes and how to stay ahead of the algorithm. She can help you pivot and bring your ideas to life with her background in fashion, beauty, and business.

When asked what women’s empowerment meant to her, Jasmine stated “Women empowerment means to me to uplift other women. It means to speak life into other women.”

To learn more about Jasmine and hear her speak, you can visit here. Businesses may apply for a vendor slot here.



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