Kay’Chanel is Changing The Game, One Luxury Wig At A Time

Dove Bennett
3 min readMay 28, 2021

The struggles and obstacles faced by entrepreneurs during the pandemic have, understandably, proved to be the end for so many businesses. With nearly 100k businesses having to permanently close their doors, many entrepreneurs are now wondering what it must take to push through external adversity when it’s rearing its ugly head. One Chicagoan, in particular, has turned these obstacles into opportunities, just as she has done many times before.

Kay’Chanel has had her mind focused on success since she found herself pregnant and homeless at the age of 16. She started doing hair in 2011 after her mom gave her the push that she needed to get on her feet and find her purpose. From a young, impoverished girl who grew up in Southside Chicago, it is Kay’Chanel’s hard work and dedication that has made her a leader amongst her peers in the hair industry. Almost a decade later, she is now a thriving entrepreneur on the rise to making 7 figures.

“Although I had a natural gift for doing hair, I didn’t appreciate my gift. At the age of 19, my mom forced me to go to cosmetology school, lol. I thank God that she made me go. My mom made me realize that I needed to live in my purpose by perfecting the craft that God had given me”

In the midst of a pandemic, Kay’Chanel opened her luxury wig retail store, Kay’Chanel Collection, located at 70 East 21st Street in Chicago, IL. This collection of high-end lace frontal wigs are inspired by luxurious trends and each unique in nature. She prides herself on offering wigs with 180% density, making them full of volume from the root to the ends and resulting in a more realistic look. Their lace is also thinner than most competitors, giving their clients a look that is unequivocally similar to a real scalp.

“I hope that I can enhance the beauty of women across the world. Feeling beautiful is essential. When a woman wakes up and feels beautiful, she becomes ready to conquer the world. I want each and every woman that purchases a luxury unit to feel capable and deserving of obtaining everything she’s ever dreamed of”, Kay’Chanel shared with me.

From her own tenacity, Kay’Chanel has taught us the importance of finding our purpose and fully living in it. Following multiple media appearances and working alongside prominent individuals such as Chris Curse and Heather Headley, this rising entrepreneur shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her goal now is to expand her brand and work with cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss. With a sale coming up in July, Kay’Chanel is excited to continue providing women with the quality wigs that they deserve.

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