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Advice Series with Gee Bryant

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Kicking off the start of my “Advice for Ending 2021” series, I chose to gain some valuable insight into women’s fitness by sitting down with expert fitness trainer and professional business owner, Gee Bryant.

Gee Bryant is the founder and owner of X28, an authentic, Black-owned business who prides themself on their genuine relationship with their customer base. Bryant teaches people who have no workout experience how to get in shape without confusing them with fad diets and exercises. With a legal background that didn’t look the best on paper, Bryant was backed into a corner when it came to career options and he used that opportunity to plant and grow and his own security. After reaching over $1M in revenue during his year in business, his motivation for providing fitness knowledge shifted from survival instincts to a burning desire for giving back by improving health in a fun and easy-to-follow manner.

Bryant’s Virtual Fitness Program, X28, is an online program that gives results in 28 days with a four-level program for Beginner, Intermediate, Xtreme, and Lower-body without any equipment. This program has helped its clients lose over 1.5 Million pounds since its conception.

While serving over 100,000 members from all over the world, customers can enjoy the X28 LIVE feature where they can work out in real-time weekly with a trainer, have access to meal guides, a nutrition calendar, a virtual progress tracker to be accountable, and a host of other wellness supplements.

Sharing My Personal Rollercoaster With My Weight with Gee Bryant:

As a child, I could eat anything and not gain any weight. As I began to tiptoe into early adulthood, my hips began to widen and I started retaining body fat in areas that all contributed to my health declining. Walking upstairs became a dreadful tour and tying my shoes was much harder than I’d like to admit. I went into the military at 18 weighing 145 pounds, and I got out three years later at over 210. Once my youngest was born, I made a decision to take my health more seriously, and I’ve since returned to my original weight of 145 pounds.

Creating A Structured Exercise Pattern:

Part of creating new healthy habits was structuring an exercise plan that worked well with my schedule and my physical capabilities.

Photo by Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing on Unsplash

What are some ways that women can create a structured exercise pattern?

“Women wear many hats and oftentimes neglect themselves in the process of being there for others. No matter how busy life gets, make health and fitness a priority. Once you tell yourself something is a priory, you make time for it. The best way to adopt something into a routine is to have a calendar and schedule it.”

The Best Exercises for Women:

Searching for exercises online was exhausting, especially all of the videos of obvious experts completing forms that I clearly couldn’t hold with my limited physical capabilities.

Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani on Unsplash

What are some of the best exercises for women and why?

“Regular exercise is the key to relieve stress and promoting good physical and mental health. Women who juggle between personal and professional responsibilities fall short of time to pay attention to their health. That’s why it’s important to find a workout program that’s efficient but also effective. The X28 Fitness program is just that. It’s mobile so you can do it from anywhere and you don’t need anything to complete the workouts. It’s highly efficient and only takes 30 minutes. The X28 program focuses on carefully crafted HIIT cardio exercises which are designed to kick your heart rate up which in turn helps you burn more calories throughout the day.”

The Ease of Journey for the Opposite Sex

During my health journey, it was painfully obvious that my male counterparts were managing to sustain healthier frames while putting in less effort to do so.

Photo by James Barr on Unsplash

What are the reasons that women retain more weight than men?

“The main reason would be because of hormones. Women may notice they retain water leading up to, and during, at certain periods during their menstrual cycle. This occurs because of hormone changes associated with the menstrual cycle. Since women tend to crave things like salt and carbs around this time, this can also lead to further water retention and weight gain.”

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

What is the most important lesson that women should know about working out?

“I think the most important lesson is that it’s okay to not be good at something. Women are the go-to people when something needs fixing or attention and are designed to just figure it out. With fitness, it’s supposed to be challenging and hard. So, it’s normal to not be good at something when you first start.”

“Another important lesson is never comparing your journey to someone else’s. We all have different starting points, goals, and metabolisms. Focus on you and your results will come.”

“Also, exercise can be an incredible tool for improving mental health too! It’s a great way to block out the stresses of life and focus on yourself. You are only as good as your mindset.”

Author 💙 Publicist 💙 Producer 💙 Serial Entrepreneur. I mainly write about business and mental health. Be sure to follow me!

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Dove Bennett

Dove Bennett

Author 💙 Publicist 💙 Producer 💙 Serial Entrepreneur. I mainly write about business and mental health. Be sure to follow me!

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