LA-Based Sisters Launch Subscription Membership Filled With Non-Toxic Personal Care Products.

The Black lifestyle should be a lifestyle outside of The BLK Lifestyle. We’re just making it easier for people to get the products that they need.”

Laurie & Victoria — Founders and Owners of The BLK Lifestyle

Sisters, Laurie Fiona and Victoria Young, are making it easier to save our planet and support the Black community. Fiona and Young created The BLK Lifestyle, a luxury subscription box filled with organic and sustainable products created by Black-owned companies. With this subscription box, you are not only receiving top quality products but you’re ensuring smaller luxury brands receive the exposure that they need and deserve. From a young age, Fiona and Young wanted to do more than talk about improving the Black community, they wanted to have a direct impact. With backgrounds in production and brand management, the women created The BLK Lifestyle, TBL, to help people replace personal care items with premium Black-owned ones.

The BLK Lifestyle Box Contents

Officially launching in November, TBL will include 12–16 full-sized luxe products that can all be used on daily basis, allowing subscribers to support more than 10 black-owned businesses at a time. Each box contains a plethora of organic and clean products, with items chosen only if they contain excellent and pure ingredients. Subscribers will also be afforded the opportunity to try new products on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This box not only offers subscribers a savings of over $150 on shipping costs, but it also means that they no longer have to shop on different websites for their everyday essentials. Containing a combination of deluxe full-size products worth over $350, the subscription will retail at $189 and the starter pack is $199.​

FEATURED PRODUCTS in the box include:

● Bamboo toothbrush​

● Sustainable charcoal toothpaste​

● Organic mouthwash​

● Edible lip scrubs​

● Body loofahs​

● Scrubs and body butter

TBL is an essential brand for social and environmental advocacy. As more and more people are searching for ways to stand up for what they believe in, live a healthier lifestyle, and provide opportunities and support for black-owned businesses, these sisters have boxed the ultimate trifecta and are delivering it right to your door. “We dream that our company can grow to be the number one brand that brings you the best gift and subscription boxes filled with beautiful products made by people that look like us,” said Fiona. Keeping the mindful consumer is at the forefront of operations, TBL is a catalyst for change.

For more information about The Blk Lifestyle, visit their website, Instagram, or Facebook.



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