LaShanna Moore Speaks At The Click-In Virtual Women’s Empowerment Summit

Pursuing Success In A Suffering Body

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As we prepare ourselves for the new year, we seek to transition our thinking from pivot to launch. We are taking it a step further than the vision board, and we are developing a vision network. By joining forces with inspiring and innovative women from all walks of life, we equip ourselves to pioneer the unknown. The Click-In Women’s empowerment summit is your place to connect and grow. Join us as we speak with proven leaders in industries surrounding fitness, personal development, business and funding, and financial stability. All of these factors are essential if we are going to level up, no matter what stage. There is a cliché that says, “Information is Power” and we vow to share our sources. This full-day event will feature prominent women speakers and virtual networking opportunities. The focus of this summit is to empower women to live healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives by providing a platform where women can network, interact, learn and support small businesses. Our line-up of speakers include best-selling authors, multi-millionaires, financial experts, and so many other great women eager to share their experiences, advice, and wisdom. We’ll be closing out with a performance from the Grammy award-winning R&B group, 112. As we prepare for this epic event, I got the chance to pick the brain of one of our featured speakers, Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Speaker, LaShanna Moore.

Dove: What is the hardest obstacle that you’ve ever had to overcome?LaShanna: In 11 years of being an entrepreneur I’ve encountered some heavy obstacles but nothing as burdensome and painful as living without my mother. She transitioned this year (2020: non-Covid related) and it has taken much grace, patience, and time to reconstruct a new path on this journey of life. It is definitely building my faith and overall perspective of life, the gift of time, and the importance of purposeful pursuit.

Dove: What are you looking forward to the most in 2021? LaShanna: I am looking forward to seeing the seeds that I have sown accelerate in their growth. I’m looking forward to the global advancement of my new film Black Boddess and I’m excited to continue nurturing women worldwide in health and self-care.

Creating platforms that midwife, educate and empower women LaShanna is a front-and-center Chief Wellness Officer. Mrs. Moore is a quintessential woman; called to wellness and ministry she is using both her credentials and character to support her holistic work with women. LaShanna is married to Motown Gospel artist, Gene Moore. Together they occupy earth-space uplifting people and operating in their creative callings. LaShanna is a graduate of the University of Houston, the International Sports Sciences Association, and Trinity School of Natural Health. LaShanna’s wellness practice is a wholistic haven for women where she specializes in nutrition, gut health, hormone health, reproductive health, stress management, and overall well-being. LaShanna enjoys hosting her podcast l, The Well Life, writing, blogging, and has authored two books and a manual for women with PCOS. She has recently added screenwriter and filmmaker to her portfolio, a passion she’s long had plans to manifest. Her first film releases in February 2021. She proudly dedicates her life’s work to her own life teacher, her mother Dorothy Ellis-Leonard (1945–2020).

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When asked what women’s empowerment meant to her, LaShanna stated “To empower women means to educate them which provides knowledge for decision making, equip them which grants them tools for proper access and to encourage them because the journey requires not only grit but grace.”

To learn more about LaShanna and hear her speak, you can visit here. Businesses may apply for a vendor slot here.

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