LaToya Cooper is Teaching Indie Artists How to be Business Savvy

One of the very first questions that musicians consider when starting their career is whether to be independent or attempt to get signed to a label. Artists who want to keep the majority of their profits, maintain all rights to their masters, and have complete creative control would greatly benefit from going independent. But with this independence cause the responsibility of being business savvy. Along with the music, independent artists must also handle their own bookings, public relations, rate sheets, negotiations, and so much more. In order to assist other indie artists on their journey to musical freedom, Latoya Cooper, known also as The Songstress, created Music Meets The Boardroom.

Music Meets The Boardroom is a platform that teaches artists the business aspects of music.

“As artists, we are built with a gift that is an intellectual property and as artists, it can be difficult to measure that. I have created a safe place for artists to have a healthy conversation on how to measure and package their musical talents. I want to help artists embrace and source the true value that they hold”, stated LaToya.

Music Meets The Boardroom offers three different methods to allow artists a flexible environment to grow in.

Passionate to do all that she can to lift up the next independent artist, LaToya took it a step further and published a guide that includes her journey through music and the obstacles that came along with that. LaToya’s new book, Simple Methods Smarter Decisions: Safety Resource For Female Recording Artists serves as a roadmap to the up-and-coming artists from prominent women who have walked the path before them.

It is hard being an artist. If I can create a platform for artists to learn and grow from other’s successes, failures and hopefully give them a step up in their journey; then I have done my job!”, LaToya exclaimed.

Eager for musicians embarking on a brand new journey in the entertainment field, I encourage you to connect with LaToya and find out how she can help you get a better understanding of the business side of your career.



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