Powerful Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

Dove Bennett
3 min readMay 29, 2022
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Business isn’t a bed of roses, in fact, it’s a roller coaster ride. One week you’re winning and the next you’re questioning why you even got started. You have to pass through these difficult times in order to reach your business goals. This requires stepping out of your comfort zone and accepting the curveballs that life throws at us. Trust me when I tell you that I’ve had to pass through extremely tough challenges to achieve my business goals. Positive affirmations have played a vital role in laying the groundwork for me to achieve success. I’ve used various strategies to face these formidable challenges, and this is certainly one of my highest recommendations.

Positive affirmations are phrases or statements used to challenge negative thought patterns of the human mind.

Successful people practice positive affirmations to motivate and encourage themselves during challenging situations. Affirmations have helped me to combat negative subconscious patterns with more adaptive narratives. This has allowed me to focus on my goals and maintain an optimistic outlook, even when things are tough.

Affirmations are positive statements that help to retrain your brain and change your thinking patterns. For example, if you are facing a difficult situation, you might say to yourself, “I am capable of handling this.” or “I am surrounded by abundance.” By repeating these affirmations regularly, you can change your mindset and start to see the world in a more positive light. As a result, you will be better equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way. So try out some affirmations today and see how they can help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!

It’s for this reason that I published my most recent book, 31 Days to Glow Up. Intentionally speaking life and encouragement over yourself is a forceful tool that should never be taken for granted. With Affirmations, we are bombarding our subconscious minds with powerful, positive statements that will move us towards our goals. With the intentional affirmations and thorough explanations found in these pages, entrepreneurs will find themselves filled with encouragement, motivation, and self-belief in just 31 days. In this book, I provide you with 31 powerful affirmations…

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