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Dove Bennett
5 min readOct 24, 2022


Peer-to-peer lending groups have become a lifeline to help others with covering small expenses.

Heard of by some, but not heard of by many, peer-to-peer funding groups are now the wave of the future. And, it’s not just in the U.S. but globally. With hundreds of different funding groups and growing, this trend is quickly becoming the new norm for borrowing and lending money.

I initially came across a Facebook funding group when I needed a little extra cash to cover my light bill. I simply posted a picture of my bill with how much money I needed for it, and within a few hours, other members of the Facebook group had come together to pay my bill. This was the first time that I went to a funding group for help, but certainly not the last.

A few months later, I decided to step out on faith and ask another funding group for some assistance with a dental procedure. After losing a number of my teeth while in the US Army, I reached out to the group and asked for assistance with purchasing a new partial denture. Since the bill was over $800, I knew it was a long shot, but as I said, faith and all. Nonetheless, within hours again, I had been funded the full $880 that I had requested. This group officially changed my life. It gave me back the smile that I had been missing for so long, and all due to the generosity of strangers on the internet.

And so, that is how I became a part of the growing trend of peer-to-peer lending on Facebook. I started my own group so that I could be a part of something that can be so life-changing. It has been an amazing experience and one that I would recommend to anyone in need of financial assistance. Not only do you have a chance to get the money that you need, but you also get to feel the joy that comes with helping others in their time of need. It’s a true win-win situation.

If you’re ever in need of financial assistance, or even if you just want to help out someone else in need, I highly encourage you to check out my new Facebook Group, Blessed Are Those Who Give. A description of the group can be found below:

‘Blessed Are Those Who Give Group Description’

‘Blessed Are Those Who Give’ is a peer-to-peer mutual aid group that allows us to bless others with our finances and resources. You can ask for funding for (almost) anything here, but small amounts work best. Funding is distributed by other group members, based on what God moves them to do. Wants and needs are both welcome here.

You MAY NOT ask for funding for: cigarettes, illegal drugs or activities, alcohol, someone not related to you or someone who doesn’t live in your household, and/or anything that proof of purchase can’t be shown on.

This is not a buy/sell/trade group. There’s only one thing members expect in exchange for donations here, and that’s your follow-up and transparency.

When you are funded, please post pictures of whatever you purchased (paid bill, receipts, etc) in your original post. People love feeling good about their donations and post-bumps. Follow-up is crucial to the way this group works and ensures your good reputation in the community.

If you donated or followed a thread, don’t be shy about asking members to follow up. It should be expected of everyone who is funded.

Our goal is to grow this group so that it because a resource for you and others during your time of need.

Scamming of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes lying in a post, using funds for anything other than what was mentioned in your original post, not showing proof of purchase, not tipping mod after stating that you would, not stating that your post has been cross-posted, and/or inboxing members to ask for funding.

Deleting posts for ANY reason is not permitted and will result in an automatic ban. Sharing screenshots from this group is not permitted and will result in an automatic ban.

Tipping admin IS NOT required in this group however it is customary. If your post states that you will tip admin and you’re fully funded, then tipping will be expected. Blocking admin is not permitted and will result in an automatic ban. If you promised a mod tip, please also post a screenshot of it in your post.

Group funds are used for contests, giveaways, and games. Group funds may be used to fund requests at the discretion of the admin.

Please fund posts at your own risk. Admin is not responsible for posts that result in a scam. Admin will do our due diligence to ensure that scammers aren’t allowed in the group and are immediately removed if they manage to slip through the cracks.

Please do not use the “Report” feature to report any post. This can result in an automatic ban. Instead, use #admin to notify a member of our mod team and bring attention to a post or comment.

Paying to ban someone IS NOT permitted in this group, as we do not want to block anyone’s blessing based on pettiness or drama. Breaking the rules/scamming is the only way to be banned from this group.

There is no limit on the amount of funds that can be requested or the amount of times that someone can post. Though small amounts are more likely to be funded, you may request help for any amount that you need.

All posts must show proof of cost in order to be approved. When applicable, proof of cost must be dated and/or show your name. If your bill is in someone else’s name, you must express that in your post or it will be denied.

This post will remain pinned and should be used as a reference point when questions arise. If you have further questions, please message our page at Blessed Are Those Who Give. Direct messaging admin is not permitted and will result in an automatic block.



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