Unpopular Opinion: Vulnerability Isn’t Unprofessional

Dove Bennett
2 min readMay 4, 2022
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In previous times, being vulnerable wasn’t often associated with being professional. But as the world has changed, the truth is that vulnerability can actually be a great way to connect and build relationships with customers. Being intimate and personable can help to grow a loyal customer base because it creates a strong foundation for customer connection and fills that gap that sometimes professionalism leaves.

Being intimate, open, and personable can help you create a deep and meaningful connection with your customers, which will in turn encourage them to be loyal to you. By allowing yourself to show some vulnerability, you are opening up yourself as an individual rather than simply a business entity — which makes it much easier for customers to relate to and trust you. And that kind of personal connection is what leads to loyalty from your customer base.

So don’t be afraid of being vulnerable when it comes to building relationships with your customers. It may seem unprofessional at first, but in reality, it’s the best way to create a loyal and trusting customer base.

While it can be easy to think of vulnerability as a sign of weakness or incompetence, there are actually numerous benefits to being more vulnerable with your customers in a professional setting. For one thing, when you show yourself to be willing to admit mistakes or admit that you don’t have all the answers, it creates a sense of trust and reliability in your customers. Additionally, by acknowledging areas where you could improve or taking extra steps to better serve your customers, you show that you care about their individual needs and experiences. Ultimately, learning how to be vulnerable in your interactions with customers can help establish stronger relationships and create a more rewarding work environment for everyone involved. So if you’re looking to increase your effectiveness as a professional communicator, try experimenting with a little more vulnerability! You may be surprised by what you discover!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Is sharing too much a deterrent for consumers or is it now the new norm?

Dove Bennett

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