Using an NFT-Based Platform, Waka Flocka Shows Artist That The Future is Now

How Satoshi Art will lead the way

In the course of doing research for an article about businesses that are helping the black community, I stumbled upon something unique and quite unexpected. Hip hop superstar, actor, and business mogul, Waka Flocka, along with cryptocurrency genius and entrepreneur, Stally, have joined together with William Wang, a former hedge fund manager, on a new business venture within the NFT market. Unlike cryptocurrency, where one can be traded for another, NFT’s are each unique in nature with a single owner at a time. An NFT, non-fungible token, is essentially a digital file with built-in encryption that confirms the legitimacy of the owner.

As an artist himself, Flocka felt compelled to provide other artists with a unique identity and ownership over their catalogs and one-of-a-kind arts. Out of this desire, Satoshi Art was born. Satoshi Art is the go-to Global NFT marketplace, providing a platform for artist to release their art while maintaining ownership. Satoshi Art is the brainchild of a diverse and talented group of people from worlds of both art and finance. As a team of passionate entrepreneurs and world-renowned musicians, they’ve come together with one goal in mind: to ensure that artists receive the recognition they deserve for their creativity. To achieve this goal, Satoshi Art provides a platform where artists from around the world can collaborate and showcase their artwork in a digital form that is both unique and irreplaceable, allowing fans to enjoy exclusive ownership.

Craving more information about this distinctive venture, I decided to have a chat with two of the three owners, and here’s what they had to say.

Well first and foremost, we saw how big NFT was going to become and we saw the direction that others in the market were taking it. We knew that we could offer artists something that others couldn’t, wouldn’t, or aren’t, so we decided to create Satoshi Art. We’ve dabbled in both music and cryptocurrency, so we basically combined all of the projects that we’ve worked on into something that would be beneficial”. Stally told me.

Wanting elaboration on what artists would get out of joining the platform, I asked the dynamic duo. “The largest benefit that our artists receive is that I don’t look at them as a big pile of money. I see us all holding the bag of money together, and if you jump, you gone have a Satoshi parachute on.” Waka Flocka responded.

“We want artists to have a healthy drop. We want them to maintain sustainability and longevity. We want to do more than just give them a platform and a marketplace to drop their NFT’s, we want to educate them”, Stally expressed. “We want to give every artist the chance they deserve and I really believe we can do that with Satoshi.

The overall purpose of this business venture with Waka Flocka and business partner Stally is to educate the public about NFTs and provide a global platform for minority creatives to gain financially with the new future in digital one-of-a-kind art. Waka and Stally are looking to educate artists on the NFT space and provide the artists with one-of-a-kind NFT deals that will create financial freedom and two-tier ownership.

While showering both of his business partners with such high praises, Flocka’s commitment and passion for Satoshi didn’t go unnoticed. With over 1,000 artists currently on the platform, and over 200 new artists added each week, Satoshi is perfectly positioned to take over the markets for both finance and art.

“…Satoshi is here to stay” — Waka Flocka

Author 💙 Publicist 💙 Producer 💙 Serial Entrepreneur. I mainly write about business and mental health. Be sure to follow me!

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Dove Bennett

Dove Bennett

Author 💙 Publicist 💙 Producer 💙 Serial Entrepreneur. I mainly write about business and mental health. Be sure to follow me!

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